Why a Trailer-Mounted or Towable Generator?

The biggest and most obvious benefit of a towable (also referred to as trailer mounted) generator is that it can go wherever a source of power is required. Whether you have a job site or an event that requires lights and equipment, or your local area has been hit by a weather disaster such as a hurricane or flood, a towable generator can easily be transported wherever power is needed the most. These units are often lifesavers, sometimes literally in the case of hospitals and emergency crews.

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Multiple Choices of Fuel

Generally speaking, towable generators are powered by either gasoline or diesel fuel. Having said that, there are some conversion kits that can be installed so your unit will run on propane or natural gas as well.

If interested in installing one of these conversion kits, it is highly recommended that you have a qualified and experienced technician do the work, or you risk voiding out the original warranty from the manufacturer.

The Benefits of Trailer Mounted Units

Not only are these portable generators beneficial because of their ability to go where the power source is needed most, they also offer ultra quiet operation – which is great when working in more populated areas with zoning laws; optimum performance – which means you can power the equipment your job requires; and superior reliability – which means your generator will work for you every time you call upon it.

These units are built to be used in even the most rugged conditions. The metal enclosure not only helps cut down on noise pollution, it also protects the machine from the daily wear and tear of being used on tough job sites. State-of-the-art controls and electronics have been engineered to meet even the toughest demands and challenges. And the ease of operation is bar none. Simply tow it to your job site or business, connect the load and start it up. When necessary, towable generators can even be connected to automatic transfer switches and be used for standby applications.

These models are built to withstand heavy power loads and are an ideal solution for providing either temporary, standby or emergency power requirements that can range from 20 kW up to 640 kW. Mounted on a tandem-axle trailer, they are easily towable at highway speeds.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Used Towable Generator?

Buying used industrial equipment means getting necessary inventory at incredibly discounted prices. Most used generators listed for sale will come with service histories and full performance data so you can make a sound investment with peace of mind.

If you’re a homeowner, have a construction business, or simply want to be prepared when disaster strikes and the power grid fails, you may want to consider purchasing a towable generator for its ruggedness and reliability, and for the fact it can go where you need power the most.

Take a look through our inventory of used industrial generators to find the right towable unit for your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call – we’ll be happy to locate one for you.

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