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Different Types of Industrial Generators

| Articles | January 18, 2013

There are many different types of industrial generators on the market with the main difference being that they are powered by different fuels. However the purpose of all industrial generators is to convert fuel into electricity. Let’s review the main types.

Natural Gas Powered

A natural gas generator is powered by propane. Propane is liquefied petroleum gas and most people are familiar with it as a fuel for barbecues or gas stoves.

One of the advantages of buying a natural gas powered unit is that very large emergency reserves can be stored easily in above-ground or below-ground tanks.

Another advantage of propane powered models is that they do work so efficiently. They tend to be durable and suffer less wear and tear than generators powered by other fuels.

One of the disadvantages are that they tend to be the most expensive of all of the industrial generators both in terms of the unit and also in terms of the cost of the fuel.

Gas Powered

A gas powered machine is powered by gasoline, the same readily-available fuel used to power the majority of vehicles used in private transportation.

There are a lot of advantages to using gasoline including the fact that it is a little cheaper than using natural gas. Gasoline powered units are also efficient producers of power and can run for months or even years in an emergency.

The main disadvantage is that these models can also emits toxic fumes into the air. This does not make them the generator of choice for hospitals or small industries in mixed zoning.

They are also restricted in style: they are only available as air compressed converters which sometimes can be finicky or require the compressor to be added on to the cost of the generator.

Yet another disadvantage is that gas is very hard on the mechanical and rubber parts and cause it to wear out, clog and depreciate faster.

The storage of gasoline can also be problematic. Unlike natural gas it can deteriorate over time. It is also more of a fire and explosive hazard than other fuels.

Diesel Powered

This type of industrial generator uses diesel fuel. Like gasoline, it is also used to power vehicles.

Of the three types of industrial generators, the diesel powered tends to be the most common. It has fewer odors and it poses less of a flammable or explosive risk than other types of fuels.

Diesel fuel is easy to store and it has a viscous quality to it that does not degenerate fuel lines and mechanical parts like gasoline can. It is also cheaper to use than gasoline.

The main disadvantage of using diesel fuel is that it produces a huge amount of smog that can harm the environment.

Whichever industrial generator that you choose for your business is going to greatly depend on a number of variables including the nature of your business, your location and what you can afford.

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